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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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10 weeks of Christmas preparations - week 7


Christmas is fast approaching! On Sunday it is already the 1st Sunday in Advent, so on Saturday I will bring out my Advent decorations. I have some American Christmas houses, some angels, some red hearts to hang in the kitchen window and some big snowflakes, which I always bring up to Advent. I enjoy unpacking them and putting them in place. Then the Christmas spirit comes straight away. I have already ironed the Advent cloth, so it is ready.

Weekly tasks:

1. Decoration for Advent
On Sunday it is the 1st Sunday of Advent. It is time to hang stars in the windows and find the advent stake.

2. Buying Christmas outfits
Now there are many delicious things in the shops, for both young and old. It pays to be early, while the selection is the largest. Popular sizes tend to disappear early (it often applies to the size of my youngest, anyway, I've experienced in the past).

3. Buy or make some Christmas presents
Are Christmas gift lists starting to dwindle now? Buy or make some gifts this week here too, and there will be even fewer left for next week.

Good luck with the week's tasks, and enjoy the Advent preparations!

Christmas tags underway!

Did you get these with you?

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