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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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10 weeks of Christmas preparations - week 3


Happy Monday! Have you ticked off a few more gifts on your list now? I am well underway with my lists. True to tradition, I have also found a Christmas stocking that I am embroidering on. I have worked on it a little every autumn for the past few years, and now I am getting close to finishing it. It's nice to embroider a little on it every evening, now that the evenings are getting darker and darker.

Weekly tasks:

1. Christmas card photography
If you are going to use a Christmas card with your own Christmas picture, then the time will soon come to take it. Or at least plan a photo shoot in the near future. Although there may not be snow in your place yet, you can still create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere with a few wintry or Christmas elements.

2. Book a hairdressing appointment
Are you going to get a haircut before Christmas? Then it's a good idea to be out in good time. The classes in the days immediately before Christmas are usually the first to fill up.

3. Buy or make some Christmas presents
Buy or make some gifts this week here, too. The more you get rid of before Advent, the less stress you get when December comes.

4. Buy new pen shoes
It's a bit early for the Christmas outfits in the shops yet, but the shoe shops are full of great shoes. Should your children have new shoes for Christmas, or should you have new shoes for the Christmas table? Shoes can be bought in good time, while the selection is still at its best. It is often sold out in the sizes you need when Christmas approaches.

Gift tips
Do you want to give a gift to someone who has "everything"? Find some photos of you together and make a small mini-album. Write a personal greeting and decorate the album with whatever you want. Homemade gifts are always nice to give and receive.

Good luck with the week's tasks!

Did you get these with you?

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