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10 weeks of Christmas preparations - week 9


We are then in the penultimate week of our 10 weeks of Christmas preparations. These weeks have gone by very quickly, but I am very happy with everything I have achieved so far.

We went on a trip to CC this evening, and there were few people there and it was perfectly fine to stroll around. We took the chance to make someone happy by buying a gift for the wishing tree. If you have the opportunity to contribute something, there are many people who need help this year. Here, Rema 1000 has also set up a trolley where you can buy some extra Christmas food when shopping, and then put it in the trolley as a donation to Puls. Every little contribution helps.

Weekly tasks:

1. Sending Christmas cards
If you have written your Christmas cards, be sure to send them here this week. It is also a good idea to send gifts that are to be sent by post as quickly as possible, to avoid the delays that often occur with the post just before Christmas.

2. Bake Christmas cookies
The time has come to get the Christmas cookies in a box. Maybe you have someone to exchange cakes with? It is very time-saving to exchange cakes with family and friends. Make a larger dough or batter than you usually do, and make a few extra cakes that you can exchange for something else. Or make some extra cookies to give away. Homemade cakes are a great Christmas gift!

3. Make Christmas decorations
Bring the children, invite family and friends, and make a good, old-fashioned Christmas workshop. Make links from glossy paper, and fold nice baskets to hang on the Christmas tree. Who doesn't remember the nice gnomes we made when we were little? Buy glossy paper, cotton, paint and glue, and let creativity bubble one evening in the run-up to Christmas.

4. Buy or make the last Christmas presents
Now we are soon in port! If you haven't already finished the gifts, try to finish the last ones this week here. Then you avoid the shopping rush that is just around the corner. Should a few more appear for you to buy gifts for closer to Christmas, you will know that you have finished all the "regular" ones you have to buy for.

Good luck with the week's preparations!

We count down with a little Christmas carol...

and there are 19 days left until Christmas!

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