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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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10 weeks of Christmas preparations - week 10


So we are in the last week of this year's Christmas preparations. I hope you have received some tips and advice along the way, so that you can enjoy these last days before Christmas, and let go of all the hustle and bustle that is often part of the Advent season.

Weekly tasks:

1. Buy Christmas food/drink
The time has come to stock up the fridge and freezer with Christmas goodies.

2. Buy a Christmas tree
Chop yourself or buy? We all have our own traditions when it comes to this year's Christmas tree. And different ideas about what it should look like. I like my trees plump. Rather short and with many branches, than slender with air between the branches.

3. Wash the house

A bit of washing is needed, even if I'm not the one who does the laundry every Christmas.

4. Decorate the house
At the weekend, the decorations come out here, because we like to have the house fully decorated for the annual Advent coffee we will have on the last Sunday in Advent.

Good luck with your entry and thanks for following along these weeks!

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