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10 weeks of Christmas preparations - week 2


Now it's a new week and new opportunities again. Did you start your preparations last week? My lists are ready, and written in the Christmas book. I tackled the to-do list, and the list of Christmas presents and Christmas cards. I always start from the Christmas cards I received last year, and write down the names of those I received cards from. Then I will add those we had to get Christmas cards from this year, gradually. My Christmas gift list is the same way. I write down all the "regulars"; family and friends to whom we usually give gifts.

In order to finish with Christmas presents and Christmas cards in good time before Christmas, I will do a little each week. I aim to be done with all the regular Christmas presents before Advent starts, so I divide my list into six, and am then left with a number of Christmas presents I will buy or make each week.

Weekly tasks:

1. Buy or make some Christmas presents
Christmas goods have already started to appear in the shops now, and there are many good offers in the big chains. This week it is e.g. "Bargain days" at CC in Gjøvik, so here there are good opportunities to buy gifts at a good price. Perhaps there is a similar event at a shopping center near you?

2. Buy socks and pantyhose
If you have small children who will be wearing white tights until Christmas rolls around, then it might be worth buying now. When Christmas comes, they are usually sold out in all the usual shops. We ladies would like to have some pretty tights for Christmas, us too, and these can just as easily stay in the cupboard for a few weeks, as last-minute shopping.

3. Buy tape and packing tape
It may be a bit early for some to think about wrapping paper and labels, but we also need tape and ribbon. Remember that there should be enough for many packages! We need extra if we are also going to pack in Advent packages for the calendar.

4. Make some Christmas cards and/or labels
If you want to make your own Christmas cards, you can divide your Christmas card list over a few weeks and make a few Christmas cards each week, as we do with the gifts. The same applies with labels. Find what you have of scrapping and stamping equipment, and have fun!

Tip of the week:
Are you going to make an advent calendar for someone this year? Now you can download the advent calendar cutting sheet with 24 numbers, absolutely free. click here

Good luck with the week's preparations!

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