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Tag shaker card


A small tag card with a shaker box is both decorative to give away and fun to make. A shaker box is a shaking box. You put some items inside the box, and when you shake it, the items move and create a stir.

The only limit to what you can put inside the box is your imagination. As long as the foam tape is high enough, it doesn't have to be just flat elements in it. A rule of thumb is that the elements must be lower than the tape. Otherwise, they will be too high and get stuck, and then you won't get the desired effect. The elements will then not move when you shake the box.


Double-sided foam tape
Transparent sheet or other glossy, thick plastic
Glitter, sequins, pearls etc. for content
Cardboard and patterned paper
Other decorations on request

This is what you do:

Glue the foam tape to the background, so that it sits tightly and firmly together. This forms the frame for the shaker box and must ensure that the contents stay in place.

Glue the transparent on the frame that creates the lid of the box.

Add pearls, glitter, sequins etc

Place the lid with the transparent on the foam tape and squeeze firmly so that it attaches properly. Try to gently shake the shaker box, to see that it is completely sealed. When you have tested this and are satisfied with the result, you glue the shaker box to your roof or another project.

This card is made with different Sizzix die-cuts. The shaker box is made from two camera die-cuts, which are glued together with foam tape between. I added transparent to both die-cuts, because I wanted the pattern sheet to show through the glitter in the box.

The cardboard and patterned paper roofs are glued to each other, and then stars of different colors and sizes are glued on.

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