You can also visit my Etsy store here
You can also visit my Etsy store here
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Decorated lunch box


Decorating a metal box is a great gift idea. You can put your personal touch on it and adapt it to any special occasion. It is often also called "altered lunchbox", because "altered" means changed. And that's what we do, we change it to be the way we want it to be.

This was basically a completely white metal box. I measured how big pieces of pattern paper I needed, and cut them to size. I then attached them to the metal box using my Xyron Creative Station to make sure they would sit tight. Then you run the entire sheet (up to A4 width) through a large glue cartridge, which provides plenty of glue on the back of the entire sheet.

To get a nice piece of paper on the lid, I measured and cut out the space where the handle sits. The cut for threading the paper down over the handle is hidden under the paper flowers.

Finally, I decorated with paper flowers, ribbons, buttons and some bling.

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