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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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Valentine's day hearts

minikurs valentine

These decorative hearts are easy to make and will be a great activity for the whole family. Here, the children can also join in the fun.

Select the papers you want to use. I have used these Valentine's papers from Basic Grey. The size of the sheets is 6x6 inches. They fit well with the template I made myself.

Make a heart template from cardboard and draw hearts on the back of the papers. You need 4 hearts for each Valentine's heart you will make. You can therefore get one heart from a 12x12 sheet.

Cut out all the hearts.

Fold the hearts in half.

Select four by four hearts, which you will put together to form a Valentine's heart.

Glue the four hearts together, so that you get a Valentine's heart like this. Cut off any paper that comes out after gluing the heart together.

Make a hole in the heart and thread a metal wire through, for hanging. Hang the heart on a ribbon and thread on a silver bead or other desired decoration.

Hang the hearts for decoration.

You can buy a pack of these papers from Basic Gray in size 6x6 here .

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