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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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Valentine's card from scrap paper

kortlaging valentine

I save any scraps of paper that are big enough to use for something later. Does it sound familiar? Making cards is a great way to use up some scraps, both from cardboard and patterned paper.

This card is made in st. 6x6. I made the nine squares a little less than 2 inches in size, as I wanted to have some space between them. They are 1 7/8 inch on each edge. If you are using a cutting board it is easy to find as this is the line before the 2 inch mark.

I was out of vellum, but I wanted to have a transparent element, so I took an interlining paper (like you use in a lunchbox) and tore off a small piece at the bottom, so that it was roughly a square. I like the texture of tearing paper, so I did this instead of cutting it.

I then cut out a heart from the same patterned paper, and glued this on top of the interlayer paper. Then I decorated with a couple of patterned buttons.

A simple but decorative Valentine's day card - with only scraps.

Do you like the cardboard I used? You can find it here .

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