You can also visit my Etsy store here
You can also visit my Etsy store here
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Finally there was a sketch book!

inspirasjon nyheter produkter skisser

It has taken a few years, but finally I have a finished sketchbook to share with you. Or a digital sketchbook, there is. It took some time to find a suitable format. The result has been a pdf booklet of 10 pages, which contains 30 sketches and 7 layouts for inspiration. There are 12 single and 18 double sketches, and they can be used for both scrapbooking and card making. You download the booklet onto your PC/Mac/tablet and can use it as either an e-book or print it out to browse through like any nother printed booklet.

The sketches are simple, in the sense that they do not give any guidance on where you can place decorations etcetera. They don't contain any colors, so you can think of them more like architect's sketch. They are made in the sketch style of Becky Higgins, for those of you who remember her and her sketches in Creating Keepsakes magazine in the past.

It's fun to have a result to show you and I'm also happy to finally be able to share the layouts I had made for the book with you, as I've been saving up for them for many years now.

If this turns out to be popular, then of course I have more ideas to share with you beyond. And maybe I'll get it printed, too?

I hope you will support this project of mine by purchasing my first booklet! You can find it in the online store by clicking here .

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