You can also visit my Etsy store here
You can also visit my Etsy store here
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Decorated chocolate bar

jul julegavetips

Are you going to give a chocolate bar to someone for Christmas? Then I have a Christmas gift tip for you! Instead of wrapping a chocolate bar in gift wrap, you can also decorate it with patterned papers and decorate it, just like you do on a scrap page or a card. 😍🎁🎄

The paper covering the chocolate bar is 12x7 inches. So you need a little more than half a 12x12 sheet to start with. I stapled the ends together to make them sit nicely.

The star on top is made by finishing 3/4 of a regular folded paper star, and then gluing the ends that are not folded on the underside. Then it lies flat and fits perfectly on packages! 😊🎁

This gift is to be given to someone we always visit with a Christmas card for, before Christmas. Good traditions are important to take care of! 😍🎄

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