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You can also visit my Etsy store here
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May 17 fan

17. mai inspirasjon

Now National Day is fast approaching, and even though it won't be a normal celebration this year either, we're going to decorate and enjoy ourselves anyway.

Here is a fan I made for the big day. It is so decorative and can be used for many different things.


2 pcs 12x6 inch red cardboard (a 12x12 sheet divided in half)
2 pcs 12x3 inch white cardboard
2 pcs 12x2 inch blue cardboard
Glue stick and tape
Flower stick

This is what you do:

Cut out the cardboard pieces according to the measurements above.

Mark every 1/2 inch on the coronet parts with the cutting board or with a ruler. Use a scoring blade or a bone folder to create folded lines in the cardboard, to make it easier to fold.

Fold all the parts into "accordion".

Glue the two accordions together in the same color.

Glue the parts on top of each other, to resemble the Norwegian flag.

Fold the finished accordion into a fan and secure with tape over a flower stick. Then the fan stays in place.

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