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10 weeks of Christmas preparations (pdf booklet)

10 weeks of Christmas preparations (pdf booklet)

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In this booklet, you will get a ready-made set-up with "10 weeks of Christmas preparations", so that you can do away with most of the preparations well before Advent arrives, and instead enjoy pleasant chores in the run-up to Christmas.

I have used this scheme for almost 20 years and many of you already know it. The first time I ran it was at the Rosa forum in 2005, to great success.

Many people feel the feeling of stress when Advent comes, because there is so much to do before Christmas, and so little time to do it. Being able to do many of the regular tasks in good time is of great help to most people.

In this booklet you get 10 to-do lists - one A4 page for each week, which you can print out and use during your preparations. You can tick off the tasks along the way, as you finish them. There is also space for your own notes.

In addition, you get three extra bonus lists - one for Christmas presents, one for Christmas cards and one for other things to remember in the run-up to Christmas.

Download the booklet and print it out, and you'll be ready to start your preparations when October arrives.

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