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Scrapbooking - Happy Birthday! pennant (pfd)

Scrapbooking - Happy Birthday! pennant (pfd)

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This is an A4 sheet with a "Happy Birthday!" pennant, which is perfect for birthdays. You can decorate the pennant as you wish. You can print it out on paper in different colors and attach it to a ribbon with e.g. clothespins, to make a festive birthday banner to decorate a birthday party. You can attach it to a flower stick and put it in a flower bouquet or arrangement, and give it as a gift. You can attach it to a chopstick or use it as a cake topper on a birthday cake. Here, the only limit is your imagination!

This is a downloadable product, which you print on your printer, and then cut out with scissors or a punch tool. We recommend using cardboard or thick paper, for the best quality of the result. This is a product that can be used again and again, as it is a .pdf document located on your own PC.

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